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JP-S565965-A: Treatment of chemical copper plating waste liquor patent, JP-S5659784-A: Manufacture of organohalogenated tin mercaptide patent, JP-S5659953-A: Assembly of partition receiving rack patent, JP-S5660182-A: Multiple-tube type image pickup device patent, JP-S5663261-A: Measuring device for blood emergent test item patent, JP-S5664191-A: Inline type centrifugal pump patent, JP-S5664975-A: Fixed quantity type valve for aerosol vessel patent, JP-S5665432-A: Time lag fuse patent, JP-S5666099-A: Method and device for electromagnetically shielding electronic equipment housing patent, JP-S5666579-A: Check valve patent, JP-S566717-A: Aligning method patent, JP-S5667578-A: Treatment of waste liquid containing hydrogen sulfide patent, JP-S5667771-A: Measuring device for semiconductor element patent, JP-S5668239-A: Device for preventing vibration of rotary electric machine patent, JP-S5668258-A: Commutator exchange type rotary field dc motor eliminating spark with auxiliary contact piece patent, JP-S5668291-A: Secondary thyristor control device for ac wound type rotor motor patent, JP-S5668636-A: Phenyl cyclohexane derivative patent, JP-S566891-A: Holding ladder for ship hold patent, JP-S5669470-A: Propulsive force generating device patent, JP-S5669506-A: Laser position detecting device patent, JP-S5670213-A: Method and apparatus for collecting can opening fittings patent, JP-S567136-A: Character display system for japanese input device patent, JP-S5674042-A: Charger patent, JP-S5674341-A: Device for rolling parabolic spring patent, JP-S5674758-A: Retry control system of microprogram control processor patent, JP-S5675789-A: Compensation device for nonlinear distortion patent, JP-S5676478-A: Pressure-sensitive adhesive type patent, JP-S567790-A: Novel penicillinn1*11dioxide compound patent, JP-S5678008-A: Method of manufacturing crosslinked polyethylene calbe patent, JP-S5678728-A: Supporting device for feeder-hopper patent, JP-S5679338-A: Document processing system patent, JP-S5679358-A: Graphic conversion processing system patent, JP-S567944-A: Foot warmer in floor patent, JP-S5679649-A: Antidepressive derivative of transs44phenyll1*2*3*44tetrahydroo11 naphthaleneamine patent, JP-S568007-A: Enclosing table patent, JP-S5681224-A: Rotary engine patent, JP-S5682606-A: Pneumatic radial tyre having high performance patent, JP-S5684475-A: Etching liquid for phosphorus containing glass patent, JP-S5684498-A: Plating method of cast product patent, JP-S5684959-A: Pasting device for laminated article patent, JP-S5685056-A: Gargoyle patent, JP-S5685424-A: Apparatus for high-speed stretch breaking spinning patent, JP-S5688267-A: Charge of lead acid battery patent, JP-S5688270-A: Connector patent, JP-S568848-A: Manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S5688604-A: Controlling device of electric motor vehicle patent, JP-S5688641-A: Stator frame for rotary electric machine patent, JP-S5689924-A: Molding method of removing thickened part on inner bottom surface of blow molded article patent, JP-S5690268-A: Testing method for ic memory patent, JP-S5690436-A: Optical information reader patent, JP-S5690739-A: Cargo handling conveyer device for refrigerating truck patent, JP-S5692081-A: Printer patent, JP-S5693206-A: Electroconductive organic thermoplastic composition patent, JP-S5693783-A: Thickener patent, JP-S5693986-A: Catcher for hinge patent, JP-S5694316-A: Method of firmly coupling optical fiber waveguide with light emitting device patent, JP-S5694742-A: Electronic beam exposure device patent, JP-S5694999-A: Inverter protection system patent, JP-S5695137-A: Manufacture of methanol from synthetic gas by use of palladiummcalcium catalyst patent, JP-S5695242-A: Manufacture of electrophotographic cadmium sulfide patent, JP-S5695424-A: Pressing device for full circumference bending patent, JP-S5695432-A: Loop amount controlling method patent, JP-S5695621-A: Manufacture of post-forming decorated plate patent, JP-S569737-A: Photosensitive heat-sensitive type recording member patent, JP-S5698945-A: Radio device patent, JP-S569970-A: Method for adding catalyst to fuel battery electrode patent, JP-S57100320-A: Method for adjusting quantity of light of photometric device patent, JP-S57100848-A: Tundish patent, JP-S57100961-A: Cement dispersing agent and manufacture patent, JP-S57101496-A: Dynamic type speaker patent, JP-S57101816-A: Production of liquid crystal cell patent, JP-S57102049-A: Formation of multilayer wiring patent, JP-S57102138-A: Method of making pickles patent, JP-S57102795-A: Lifting mechanism detecting lead patent, JP-S57103566-A: Solid state medium magnetic disk device patent, JP-S57104160-A: Toner density controlling method of electrophotographic copying machine patent, JP-S57104562-A: Structure of opening section of plastic bag and its manufacture patent, JP-S57106479-A: Seam welding method of joint part in coated metal enclosure patent, JP-S57106578-A: Manufacture of high density ceramic sintered body patent, JP-S57107574-A: Flow controller for electrolyte fluid patent, JP-S57109268-A: Electric connector patent, JP-S57109815-A: Terpolymer rubber patent, JP-S57110315-A: Gas purifying apparatus for shaft furnace patent, JP-S57111713-A: Direct current power source device patent, JP-S57113020-A: Round bar working device for wood patent, JP-S5711325-A: Material for polychromic electrochromic display and display element using its material patent, JP-S57113370-A: Measuring method of distortion factor patent, JP-S57113723-A: Protection relay system patent, JP-S57113827-A: Method of regenerating alkanol amine desulfurized solution patent, JP-S57114672-A: Electroless plated body patent, JP-S57114851-A: Ultrasonic flaw detecting and inspecting device patent, JP-S57115344-A: Manufacture of polyethylene laminated film patent, JP-S57115644-A: Solar heat collector equipped with honeycomb structure patent, JP-S57116087-A: Cephalosporin derivatives and manufacture patent, JP-S57116183-A: Input restriction unit for hydraulic pump patent, JP-S57116679-A: Miniature printer patent, JP-S57117964-A: Capping device for ink jet nozzle patent, JP-S5711816-A: Preparation of silicon thin belt patent, JP-S57118527-A: Preparation of ethylene glycol patent, JP-S5712013-A: Polymerization of conjugated diolefin patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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